German journalist Gerd Harthus – blog om Bodø Jazz Open

Three of a Kind: Hoff / Somsen / LindholmBy now the hall has filled up and the Hoff / Somsen / Lindholm trio take to the stage. Jan Gunnar and Carsten have known each other for six years. Right from their first gig in Copenhagen, they realised how well they harmonise with each other. The opener, a piece called Spring by Carsten, immediately shows the direction: Soft, melodic and heartfelt. But it doesn’t stop there, because crooning is not their thing. The mood changes in an instant and an intense interplay full of power and expressiveness develops without completely abandoning the lyrical setting.

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Hoff Somsen Lindholm, Beddingen kulturhus, photo by Gerd Harthus

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  1. Ferrante Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 5:30
  2. Roxanne (The Police cover) Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 6:43
  3. Luca Carsten Lindholm Buy 6:23
  4. Alle har en drøm Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 6:41
  5. Uninvited (Alanis Morissette cover) Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 5:37
  6. Daylight Savings Buy 7:15