Sunday 7th October third video “Indiance” from studio with Carsten Lindholm Trio/Indispiration Project was released on YouTube.

Indiance is one of the songs which is less based on arrangements and more on improvisation. This is usually very popular with the musicians as they can be more loose and it always brings new ideas up in the open.
Notice the drum intro which is based on inspiration by the Indian rhythm system Konnakol and its improvisational structure. Also the communication within the trio, especially among the piano, bass and drum is very intense.


Piano Jan Gunnar Hoff, Harmonium Mark Lorenzen, Upright bass Kristor Broedsgaard and Carsten Lindholm on drums.

  1. Ferrante Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 5:30
  2. Roxanne (The Police cover) Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 6:43
  3. Luca Carsten Lindholm Buy 6:23
  4. Alle har en drøm Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 6:41
  5. Uninvited (Alanis Morissette cover) Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 5:37
  6. Daylight Savings Buy 7:15