Carsten Lindholm Trio back at festival Les Boréales

Cultural festival (literature, theater, concerts, dance, circus, cinema, exhibitions). Les Boréales is a festival dedicated to Nordic culture. It takes place every year in November in Caen and Normandy.

It is with great pleasure that Carsten returns with his trio, as a representative for Danish music. This time with Jan Gunnar Hoff on piano and Reggie Washington on bass.

Last time the trio* played at the festival was in 2018, also at Théâtre de Caen. At the time, the welcome from both the organizers, the city and the audience was overwhelmingly positive.

Carsten Lindholm trio will be playing a new repetoire, which is a mix of covers of Carstens favourite pop songs and own compositions. All with the Nordic jazz vibe and indian rhytmics that Carsten is known for, and played with empathy and a huge expression by the trio.

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*In 2018 the trio playing in Caen consisted of Mathias Grove Madsen on piano, Kristor Broedsgaard on bass and Carsten Lindholm himself on drums

  1. Roxanne (The Police cover) Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 6:43
  2. Luca Carsten Lindholm Buy 6:23
  3. Alle har en drøm Carsten Lindholm Trio 6:41
  4. Uninvited (Alanis Morissette cover) Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 5:37
  5. Daylight Savings Buy 7:15