Carsten Lindholm Trio - Jazz & more | Bürgerhaus/Diagonal

Ingolstadt, Germany, Germany ·

Bürgerhaus / Diagonal Kreuzstraße 12
85049 Ingolstadt, Germany
+49 841 17205
· 20:00

Buy Tickets · EUR 12.00 - 17.00

Carsten Lindholm Trio looks forward to play at Ingolstadt Bürgerhaus/Diagonal 27th April, as part of the Jazz series – Jazz & more!

Carsten Lindholm Trio with Jan Gunnar Hoff (piano), Reggie Washington (bass) and Carsten Lindholm (drums) are very excited to present  their Nordic Jazz repetoire for you this evening.

The music is Nordic Jazz spiced with Indian rhythmics, and the repetoire is a mix of own compositions by Carsten Lindholm – and covers of well known pop songs. All played with energy and huge expression, to engage and move the audience as much as possible.


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Link to event info Bürgerhaus/Diagonal


  1. Daylight Savings Buy 7:15
  2. Roxanne (The Police cover) Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 6:43
  3. Uninvited (Alanis Morissette cover) Carsten Lindholm Trio Buy 5:37
  4. Luca Carsten Lindholm Buy 6:23