Carsten Lindholm Trio revient sur un fantastique concert au théâtre de Caen 24 novembre 2018.

Les 3 musiciens ont été très honorés par la grande participation, et notamment par la manière dont le public a accepté le trio danois et le genre jazz nordique avec ouverture d’esprit.

“En cette période de forte concentration sur les réseaux et les services de streaming, il est agréable de vivre dans une ville comme Caen combien de personnes se rencontrent encore pour soutenir les artistes et écouter la musique en direct. Nous avons vu des parents qui ont amené leurs plus jeunes enfants, des gens assis dans le hall avec les yeux fermés pour prendre toutes les impressions et un public incroyablement engagé sur les lieux. “

Carsten Lindholm Trio are looking so much forward to play at Théâtre de Caen on 24th November.

Right now rehearsal is going on and today and Wednesday the Trio is gathered at the studio to make the final touch on their repetoire.

Below a small clip from an earlier session featuring Mathias Grove Madsen who will be playing piano at Festival Les Boréales.

Piano Mathias Grove Madsen, Bass Klavs Hovmann and Carsten Lindholm on drums.

Sunday 7th October third video “Indiance” from studio with Carsten Lindholm Trio/Indispiration Project was released on YouTube.

Indiance is one of the songs which is less based on arrangements and more on improvisation. This is usually very popular with the musicians as they can be more loose and it always brings new ideas up in the open.
Notice the drum intro which is based on inspiration by the Indian rhythm system Konnakol and its improvisational structure. Also the communication within the trio, especially among the piano, bass and drum is very intense.


Piano Jan Gunnar Hoff, Harmonium Mark Lorenzen, Upright bass Kristor Broedsgaard and Carsten Lindholm on drums.

Second new video of live session from studio “Punjab Boogie” out on YouTube today Saturday 29th September!

Last week Carsten announced he had been back in the studio with Indispiration Project to make new live video sessions, and first video introduced on YouTube was “ Luther”.

Now the time has come to introduce “ Punjab Boogie” also from the Indispiration album.

On the Indispiration album many of the songs are very Trompet oriented and I wanted to explore how focus on Piano/Harmonium and Upright Bass would impact the songs. ”Punjab Boogie” is inspired by India and since Harmonium is an old Indien instrument, it felt only natural to introduce especially this in the live video version.

I hope my listeners will enjoy the new take and if you have NOT listened to the album yet, feel free to check out the album version of “Punjab Boogie” on Itunes or

Mark Lorenzen – Harmonium, Jan Gunnar Hoff – Piano, Kristor Broedsgaard – Upright Bass and Carsten Lindholm – Drums

New video “Luther” out on YouTube today 22nd September

As announced earlier this week Carsten has been back in the studio with Indispiration project, and we’re all very excited to share the results.

First video out is “Luther” , which is a tribute song to late Jazz Saxophonist Luther Thomas, who was a very motivating musician to play with and a man who would always se the positive in things.

Luther is written in a groovy 5/4 and in this video Mark Lorenzen is playing Harmonium and Kristor Broedsgaard Upright bass – so the sound is slightly different from the album version. Jan Gunnar is playing piano adding his improvisational touch.


Back in studio shooting new live video versions from Indispiration album

Having a great time with the guys!
Snapshot above from the studio shows Jan Gunnar (Piano) & Mark Lorenzen (Harmonium) on a short break.
Carsten is very excited to introduce Mark and Kristor in live video sessions as they have not appeared in any before. If you have listened to the album you will know Mark and his Harmonium from Punjab Boogie a.o. and Kristor from the gig at Montmartre this spring with the Indispiration Project.

Videos to be released on YouTube soon – stay connected!

This was one of the feedbacks Carsten Lindholm and the Indispiration project received after their concert at Bix Jazzclub  in Stuttgart.

After returning back home from Stuttgart, Carsten looks back at the concert:
What an audience and what a great experience to play at the Bix Jazzclub! It is always very fulfilling for a musician when audience gives you feedback, and as a “new player” on the International Jazz scene, I was taken by surprise of how many guests who came up to me after the concert, to say hello and share their opinion of my music and the concert.
It proofs to me, that the concert had the impact on the audience that Jan Gunnar, Shri and I wanted to create – a room for listening and reflection with a short distance to the guests.

See pictures and watch videos from the concert here

To read the full feedback from blogger March Bensh (Lesbares) – click here

Carsten Lindholm with Indispiration Project live at Bix Jazzclub Stuttgart in Germany 6th July 2018. Trio featuring Jan Gunnar Hoff (Piano), Shri (Bass) and Carsten (drums).

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Minimalisme magnétique du jazz scandinave, richesse rythmique inouïe de la musique indienne, musiciens de haut vol Indispiration est la troisième sortie du batteur et producteur danois Carsten Lindholm.

La musique de cet album combine le jazz nordique à la rythmique indienne d’une façon innovante et minimaliste. Il est accompagné de 15 de ses musiciens préférés, provenant de 6 pays différents. De manière approfondie, le but de sa musique est de se focaliser consciemment sur une paix intérieure, manquante au monde actuel

Jazzbox Radio show: Jacques Thevenet, Olinka Mistroshina, Jean Marc Gelin:

Carsten Lindholm and group

Meeting nice people when attending Jazzbox Radio show by Jacques Thevenet to talk about the new album Indispiration. Picture shows Carsten Lindholm together with Jacques Thevenet, Olinka Mistroshina and Jean Marc Gelin.

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