Carsten Lindholm is a danish drummer,composer and producer born in the small town og Kerteminde on the island Fünen

He moved to Copenhagen in 1990 and began studying at the music concervatory D.A.R.K. He later took private lessons with Jazzlegend Ed Thigpen, Aage Tanggaard at the Rhythmic Conservatory, professor at the Royal Classic Conservatory Bent Lylloff, New Orleans drummer Jeff Boudreaux and a lot of danish fusion drummers.

In 1990 he contacted drummer Peter Erskine in order to take private lessons.However at that time it was difficult for them to match schedules, so he actually never got to study with him, but got a supportive motivating mentor and penpal instead, who he has met during his concerts and studiowork  in New York, Monterey and Copenhagen

In 1996 he went on Vallekilde, a danish Jazz summercamp, where he met finish drummer Jukkis Uotila, Swedish bassplayer Lars Danielsson and norwegian trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer, all strong personalites, who became great mentors and inspired him to change his musical direction and go into nordic jazz music.

In 98 he went to New York  3 months to check out the musical level of the town and to study the south indian rhythm-language konnakol.He also travelled to meet jazz-vibist and founder of Steps Ahead Mike Mainieri, who had been a hero since he first heard Steps Ahead. Mainieri had made a huge impact on him with his melodic, sophisticated and dynamic expression of music. Not unexpected, he also was a great personality.

Back in Denmark he started playing at different jazz clubs, receptions, weddings in Copenhagen and met a lot of great musicians like Luther Thomas and Jens Melgaard , who among lots of things taught him to be enthusiastic for the music and give himself 100 % on stage or in the practice-room. The sudden death of Jens Melgaard drove Carsten to write music, and he started the Tribute project.

In 2011 The Tribute Album was based on a tribute to people (living or dead), who has made a deep impact on his life.The filmic music is a mixture of:  jazz,  drum`n`bass, ambient  soundscapes, indian tablabeats and based on a simple nordic melody. Among his music mentors the list counts: Sting, Erik Truffaz, Nils Petter Molvaer,Jan Garbarek, Jon Hassell, Eivind Aarset, Bunge Wesseltoft, John Coltrane, Bill Laswell, Jojo Mayer.

Dec 2016  he released the EP Ballads on Itunes, Amazon a.o, which was a compilation of different recordings with his norwegian and danish friends with focus on the trumpet instrument.

Oct 2017  he released his 3.Release called Indispiration on the German label JazzNArts Records. The music could be described as minimalistic nordic jazz mixed with indian rhythmic compostions. It featured his 15 favourite musicians from 6 countries like Erik Truffaz, John Beasley, Reggie Washington, Pete Judge/Jim Barr. The compositions was influenced by Esbjorn Svennson, Brad Mehldau, Steps Ahead, Jan Garbarek, Manu Kasche, Bugge Wesseltoft, Trilok Gurtu, Arve Henriksen, Erik Truffaz.
The album wanted to state the importance of inner peace, which could be needed more than ever in the world today, aswell as the importance of cultural open mind between countries.