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Punjab Boogie

Second new video of live session from studio “Punjab Boogie” out on YouTube today Saturday 29th September! Last week Carsten announced he had been back in the studio with Indispiration Project to make new live video sessions, and first video introduced on YouTube was “ Luther”. Now the time has come to introduce “ Punjab […]



New video “Luther” out on YouTube today 22nd September As announced earlier this week Carsten has been back in the studio with Indispiration project, and we’re all very excited to share the results. First video out is “Luther” , which is a tribute song to late Jazz Saxophonist Luther Thomas, who was a very motivating […]


Back in studio – new videos coming soon

Back in studio shooting new live video versions from Indispiration album Having a great time with the guys! Snapshot above from the studio shows Jan Gunnar (Piano) & Mark Lorenzen (Harmonium) on a short break. Carsten is very excited to introduce Mark and Kristor in live video sessions as they have not appeared in any […]

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Lindholms Jazz für Ohr und Geist

This was one of the feedbacks Carsten Lindholm and the Indispiration project received after their concert at Bix Jazzclub  in Stuttgart. After returning back home from Stuttgart, Carsten looks back at the concert: What an audience and what a great experience to play at the Bix Jazzclub! It is always very fulfilling for a musician […]